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Mugen MVVM Toolkit 5.0.0

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Released: Nov 4, 2015
Updated: Nov 4, 2015 by VVS0205
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Release Notes

Breaking changes:
  • Changed arguments of all fluent binding methods from (model) => model.Name to (model, ctx) => mode.Name, where the ctx argument is IBindingSyntaxContext interface that allows to use the specific binding extension methods instead of direct use BindingSyntaxEx class (Binding).
  • Changed the management and the creation of IocContainer for view models (Core).
  • Changed return value in the IToastPresenter.ShowAsync method to the IToast interface instead of the Task class (Core).
  • Changed implementation of INotifiableCollection.AddRange and INotifiableCollection.RemoveRange methods from the implicit to the explicit (Core).
  • Renamed protected methods in the ViewModelProvider class (Core).
  • Removed the IocContainerCreationMode enum (Core).
  • Removed the ViewModelDataTemplateModule class that is responsible for generating the default data templates for the view models (WPF, Silverlight).
  • Removed the ListItem class that is used to display the rows, the row view now show directly (Android).
  • Removed all summary comments, because in 95% of cases it does not make sense.
  • Removed SignAssembly.
  • Fixed incorrect loading of modules in runtime mode.
  • Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException when remove an item with empty filter.
  • Added the ability to use predefined parameters with an IIocContainer.
  • Added the IIocContainerOwnerViewModel interface.
  • Added the IParentAwareViewModel interface.
  • Added the TryGetViewModelById method to the IViewModelProvider class.
  • Added Initializing, Initialized events to IViewModelProvider that allows to intercept view model initialization process.
  • Added Preserving, Preserved, Restoring, Restored events to IViewModelProvider that allows to intercept state preservation\restoration process.
  • Added JetBrains.Annotations as source file instead of dll.
  • Added TryGet, GetOrCreate, Get static methods to the ServiceProvider.
  • Added the ApplicationSettings.NotificationCollectionBatchSize static property that allows to change default value of the BatchSize property.
  • Added IsInitialized property to the IMvvmApplication.
  • Added the GetViewAsync method with IViewMappingItem parameter to the IViewManager interface.
  • Added PlatformType.WinRTPhone and PlatformType.XamarinFormsWinRTPhone constants.
  • Changed the ItemsSource property type from IList<T> to INotifiableCollection<T> in IGridViewModel and IMultiViewModel interfaces.
  • Now the SuspendNotifications method suspends properties and collection notifications for the GridViewModel class.
  • Now all bootstrappers return by default all assemblies without a filter.
  • Now the WindowViewMediatorBase class invokes the OnNavigatingFrom method.
  • Added interpolated strings support (
  • Added the ability to clear source value for binding if it implements IDisposable interface.
  • Added null check when invoke an instance method.
  • Added automatic registration of all implementations of the IDataTempateSelector interface.
  • Added the ability to traverse binding expression tree in pre-order or post-order way.
  • Added the GetView alias for the ViewModelToViewConverter.
  • Added BindingBuilderExtensions.TryGetDefaultBindingMember method.
  • Added enum converter that converts a string value to an enum value.
  • Added the SetSingleValue method to the IBindingMemberInfo interface that allows to set value without array.
  • Added the ability to use OneTime scope in binding expression (Text Property + $OneTime(GetOneTimeValue(Property1))).
  • Added BindingServiceProvider.DisableConverterAutoRegistration and BindingServiceProvider.DisableDataTemplateSelectorAutoRegistration properties.
  • Added the AttachedBindingMember.TrySetRaiseAction method that allows to set action that is invoked by INotifiableAttachedBindingMemberInfo.Raise method.
  • Replaced the 'Format' method from resource method call to string.Format() method call.
  • Reduced memory usage for 'src' and 'self' resources.
  • Changed algorithm of methods resolution for dynamic methods.
  • Changed all attached member classes to abstract.
  • Now the binding sets a value for data context, even if it is null.
  • Added the GetPageTitleDelegate attached member to ViewPager.
  • Added the RestoreSelectedIndex attached member for TabLayout.
  • Added the RestoreSelectedIndex attached member for TabHost and ViewPager.
  • Added the DisableHierarchyListener attached member for ViewGroup that allows to remove the default IOnHierarchyChangeListener.
  • Added the StartActivityDelegate attached member for Activity that allows to control navigation to another Activity.
  • Added the CreateViewHolderDelegate attached member for RecyclerView that allows to create custom implementation of the ViewHolder class.
  • Added the Initialize method to the IViewFactory interface.
  • Added Filter property to IItemsSourceAdapter interface that allows to use adapter with AutoCompleteTextView.
  • Added support for the standard menu (Android).
  • Added the ability to use custom IPopupMenuPresenter to show popup menu.
  • Added the ability to use custom implementation of IStableIdProvider interface for list adapters.
  • Added support for AutoCompleteTextView.
  • Added support for Snackbar.
  • Added the ViewId property for all Fragments and Activities.
  • Updated FindByNameMember method the method uses the root view instead of target view.
  • Updated activity lifecycle events.
  • Updated support libraries to
  • Now the activity mediator does not invoke the Dispose method when activity is destroyed.
  • Changed algorithm of view creation: first try to create a view using android factories then create using own factory, this is necessary for AppCompat library.
  • Changed the UserControl class to non abstract.
  • Changed the view creation algorithm.
  • Improved performance of the JavaObjectWeakReference class using JNI directly instead of wrapper method.
  • Improved performance when selecting a template.
  • Increased performance of ItemsSourceAdapter.
  • Increased performance of ItemsSourcePagerAdapter.
  • Increased performance of ItemsSourceRecyclerAdapter.
  • Added MasterView and DetailView attached members for the UISplitViewController.
  • Added ClickEvent for UICollectionViewCell and UITableViewCell.
  • Added PlatformExtensions.SetHasState and PlatformExtensions.GetHasState methods that allows to control the process of saving the state of the controller.
  • Improved performance when selecting a template.
  • Increased performance of CollectionViewSourceBase.
  • Increased performance of TableViewSourceBase.
  • Fixed incorrect root page navigation.
  • Added implemenation for the XamarinFormsExtensions.SendBackButtonPressed property.
  • Updated Xamarin.Forms to
  • Added the ToastTemplateSelector attached member.
  • Added back button handler for WinRT, WinPhone, XamForms platforms.

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